My workbench

My workbench

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Just a friendly reminder, I have begun posting my pictures over at my flickr site.

Not complete, undoctored and mostly uncensored (mass-uploads). They should, however, be appropriate. Shoot me a message if anything should be taken down.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Loose ends

I am in Dublin, just had a pair of beers at Temple Bar, met some Aussies and Amerks, back at my hostel relaxing, debating going back out or getting to sleep early (need to rise around 6AM to get my flight).

I am having trouble booking my flight, but need to do this when i get home. I will be flying from LGA to BOZ via COL. Found a room at the Royal7 to stay for $45/nite for the first night, can check in to housing after that (I should actually check and see if i can check into housing on the evening of the 3rd...Hmm). OK managed to book the ticket, arrive in Bozeman at 11:45PM on the 3rd, leaving LGA at 5:30PM.

Need to hit REI, get some new shoes, new clothes...Need black pants for work at Big Sky.

Need (or should) get a netbook...Order online, have it delivered, or drop it at Big Sky? I think I should have it delivered. Gonna Newegg it now. That's all, see some/many of you tomorrow, or in the next few days. Caio for now!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight notes from Amsterdam

First of all, it is noon. I have been having a great time travelling, meeting new people, exploring new places and everything that comes with it. I can't say for sure what my future will hold, but I am sure that the adventure which I have thrust upon myself will not be ending anytime soon. From Cork to Dahab, Berlin to Uig, I have had the most enlightening experiences of my life; so far. I will be returning to the comfort of family and friends, the normalcy of home, and then just as quickly swept off to another untold adventure. Thinking back, the past six months have been an unparalled learning experience; years of advanced EM fields, Analog design, and unending mathematics don't hold a candle to hitch-hiking through a foreign land on your own.

I have learned more about myself, both as a person and as a[n] (occasionally dissident) member of society than I could have imagined, and yet the most important lesson is that I have yet to scratch the true surface. I look forward to spending time in Montana, and will continue to utilize this blog, though less frequently as my day-to-day activities will be somewhat routine.

I have already begun planning next spring/summer's PCT thru-hike, and though I am somewhat aprehensive of my own abilities and have begun questioning my motivation, I smile when I imagine embarking on such a trip.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The end of egypt

What a better way to end my trip then standing in a line for two hours to find out my flight has been cancelled. Found a direct flight with egyptair, which alitalia set up for me. One last hurdle and i am outta here. No more touts, cheats, liars or thieves. Well, not so many.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Out of money

So, I ran out of money in the desert.

Well, I ran out of cash. And there are, of course, no ATMs in the middle of the western desert. No surprise there. I am apparently a bit too used to the connected world, as well as not anticipating the cost of an overnight safari into the white desert. It was worth it (cost about $100), but left me with barely enough cash to pay for a bus ticket back to Cairo. So, once again, I am back in Cairo. This place is starting to grow on me...somewhat like a fungus. I will post a writeup of the desert and whatnot, as well as finally posting a TON of pictures (some of which look amazing), but for now, I am headed out to the citadel.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Back to Cairo

Heading back to Cairo tomorrow, booked a hostel for the night, thinking of heading down south to some other oases. Really not that interested, but Idon't have anything better to do. A lot of what I have seen and experienced in Egypt has given me new insight into my destinations and desires in travelling, and also some of my predjudices towards other cultures. Additionally, I feel perfectly justified in saying that while the American culture is one to exploit natural resources, the mass tourism culture here exploits prettymuch everything. Oh well. Can't really wait to get back to the 'States.