My workbench

My workbench

Sunday, March 23, 2008

first stop: Ireland

So I've been communicating with a German girl on Couchsurfing about doing a trip around southern/mid Ireland May 23rd to 30th or so. We, along with some other CSers and friends, will rent a (or possibly two) vehicles, drive around, camp, surf, and explore. Sounds like a blast! And I recently chatted w/Nessa, I'll try to get together w/she and Jerome. Leigh mentioned an interest in hitting the Catacombs under Paris, Jerome's game, and I'm psyched. So that's the first leg of my plan.

Need to get from Dublin to Cork on the 22nd, probably grab a bus around 11:00

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Meeting Leigh

so, between June 18th and July 5th, in Paris. That is all I have agreed to, for now.
I'll post some prelim irish plans later. and by later I mean between now and then.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Time marches on...

So a lot's been going on in my life. The overall plan hasn't changed, some of the dates have changed, and an anchor has finally be nailed into the ground, a single date-point marking my emigration from the United States on to the world. My flight leaves the evening of May 21st from JFK Airport in NYC. I will fly until 9:00, and at that time I will arrive in Dublin, Ireland. My plan is to travel from Dublin to Belfast, and on from there to the ferry at [I need to look it up again]. Ferrying across to Scotland, I will travel up to the city of Glasgow, hopefully get a chance to drop by and see Ceri [I also need to look up her town/address]. After this, it's the West Highland Way up to Fort Williams, a night or two at the hostel [staying around for a week if I can get paid to clean], some climbing around Ben Nevis and CMD, maybe a night by the waterfall, then to Skye! Again, spending a night or two in the Hostel [more if pay, etc], then off to do some "hillwalking" and "munro-bagging," including a free solo of the In. Pin. Hooah. Spend a decent amount of time [totally undecided, need to hit up a map bigtime] wandering Skye, then depending on the time, over and up to Norway, or direct down to Latvia [I still need to look up Riga]. From here it starts to get fuzzy again, spending time traveling around eastern Europe, slowly heading southward towards Hungary and eventually down to Greece [I still need to find the dates for Greece from mom and dad]. This should put me mid to late September, after this heading to Israel, and then [or directly] Egypt [I need to confirm this with Herb]. From Egypt I would again get fuzzy, pointing towards Istanbul, and moving semi-overland towards India. I would prefer to fly to India (over most of the middle east) at least right now. This could all change (hopefully for the better) in the future. From India I'd hit Thailand, and just bomb around Australia and NZ for a while...That should put me in two years or so...Maybe head home for a visit w/mom and dad? It's wicked fuzzy at this point [wherever this point is...].

That is all for now.