My workbench

My workbench

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Plans change...

So, my plans have changed a bit, as they are prone to doing. Arizona is out. As is everything outside of the northeast. I canned my ticket to Phoenix (Anyone want $100 credit on Southwest? I have to check if it's transferable...)

Anywho, ignoring that, I have been chatting with Sophie (Organizer of the Ireland trip), I am trying to crash at a friend of hers in Cork for the night when I arrive. Aside from that, this is what I see as of right now:

Leaving Burlington on Saturday midday (One last party w/roommies)
Grab/meet up w/Liz, head into Cambridge, Contra@Harvard.
If I end up driving Liz home, park@Capt's 1/4 and crash in Norris.

Wake up Sunday, give Steve a call, Go shooting/spend some time w/Steve (if he can, otherwise Monday).
Dinner @ Mo's (Need to call&Confirm).

Monday: (5/5)
See George (need to give him my Ridgerest).
See Herm (Because I just need to visit NHS one last time)
See Paula (if I can)
Ditch car (Need to look in to this).

Begin heading towards ROC...I S'pose.

Somewhere in there I need to hit REI and pick up the GoLite Ultra 20 Quilt.

Thats' about it. need to be in CT on the 16th for my shot, I'll head down to Philly from there, then back to CT to see Parents, celebrate, Leave.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

End of days...

Wow, the realization that this is LESS than a month away is a bit freaky. Nonetheless, I have planned for the US portion of my tour. Well, as planned as I'm going to get. Instead of hitching west, I'm flying, due to the obvious time constraints I have placed upon myself. I'll still be traveling back east via hitching/rideshare/walking/dancing, so I'll have plenty of opportunity for mayhem. For all of you out there intimidated, keep the following in mind: This entire plan took about an 5 minutes to form, an hour to research, and the result is an amazingly cheap trip cross-country, with a few built-in time delays for additional security (I have also listed optional fallbacks in parentheses).

First and foremost, I will travel down to Boston, likely *ON* the 2nd of May, with a pack on my back and a smile on my face.

While down there, there is a list of people I *MUST* visit. I also want to make a stop at the Boston REI... (Names include any other family which may be around)

*Ryan (If he can make it down from Portland)
The Beach (any of them, really)
Others I may run into...

I should be able to make it down to Boston the night of the 2nd (Unless I get ******d by work), CS with someone, then have the 3rd, 4th, 5th to see people. I figure I'll make it down to Norwell on the afternoon of the 3rd (might be easiest to take Greenbush out of S. Station, or just Redline it)
I def. want to hammock Norris, should try to see Herm on the 5th (Call NHS), see Steve then (if not sooner), See Mo,Liz , Paula on 4th, George on 3rd...Looks pretty solid. I need to remember that I don't have any major transportation around here, so I might want to look into either hitching with a bike or *ghasp* keeping my car?

wth, I'll keep my car, maybe I can drive it all the way down to Providence and have it picked up there? Who knows.

I'll stay w/friends, sleep in Norris, relax, and just chill all around Norwell. Thinking about bringing my skates, if I haven't given them away by then.

Plan: (worked backwards from booking a flight)

Arrive Phoenix, AZ 21:30 05/06/08

Depart T.F. Green at 17:00 05/06/08

Therefore arrive at airport 15:00

Leave Kennedy plaza at 14:20 from platform A (Route 20, $1.50, leaves approx every 20 minutes)

Which means arrive in Providence around 13:00 (to eat lunch)

Therefore grab train from 128 station at 12:30 (14:23 train arrives in Providence at 15:09 as fallback)

Therefore I need to spend most of the day traveling, don't waste time in the morning.
(As an alternative, I can take the Greenbush to S.Station, and then get the train from there, it'll cost about $8 more)

Total cost:
Bus: 1.50
Food: 15
Train: 4.00
Plane: 100
Total: 120.50

Distance: 2200 miles

Time: 24 hours

Need to find CS host for night of 05/06/08
Look up good spots to hitch out of Phoenix
Also look up Phoenix public transpo

I-10 East seems the most direct route, though

Hitch to Jim's on 05/07/08, stay with Jim for a day or two (or more), relax, hike, then head to Austin, TX to see Sam. After this...Find a way back to NYC, via Rochester?

Need a USA Atlas (And European if available!)