My workbench

My workbench

Friday, May 30, 2008

The long post on Ireland

Okay so I am now sitting in a park in downtown Cork writing a post on my fold-out keyboard. Hereś´a recap, day-by-day:

We met in Cork near the bus station, drove around a bit to pick up food and gas, and the headed down to cape Clear. Boarded the ferry, which was apparently a fun ride (I fell asleep almost immediately due to going out with Carlos the night before). The island itself was cool, only 100 yearly residents, a hostel, a church, and farms. We walked up the only mountain´on the island, at which point I discovered that I was the only one whom actually enjoyed climbing up mountains and the like. Sophie and I played a bit of Frisbee with a disc we found (and i am carrying..sadly only 175g, not full sized) while Zaid and Joscha sat and chatted...I went for a short swim, to cool off...The disc went wide a few times, resulting in my being named that frisbee demon¨by the locals (most of the wide throws were my fault). Ferried back, raised a pint (except Zaid, whom does not drink), and drove around loolking for a campsite. About an hour later we find a ¨camping ground, E15/pp, we decided to continue up the road a spell. Only a few minutes up the road we stumbled upon an artistsś´property, after I asked permission we were alowed to camp there for the night, resulting in our first camping/tenting experience. It was grand, I built a fire, we cooked on our little instatnt grille, and all was well.
The next morning Zaid informed us that he did not trust drinking the water which I had filtered from a local stream, despite being told bythe landowner that their well comes straight from the same stream. His loss.
From there we drive around to Ennis, nothing particularly exciting, though we camped that night in an old cathedral (Ardfert Cathedral), where I met some charming¨local boys of 16, played a bit of hunts´(tag) with them, taught them a bit about self defense, and then had to defend our little camp as they returned during the night to attempt to bother the girls and bum cigs off of Zaid. No real harm done, I woke up early as I was camping outside (nowhere to lay my hammock, and I like being able to see the stars), and I walked down to a local friary, of which I had pictures and will post to my flickr site.

From adrfert we drove to Limerick by way of Valencia Island. Searching for dinosaur tracks (listed on the map), we found a quarry, a lighthouse, acoast guard station, and some VERY poor roads on a mostly deserted island. We arrived in Limerick in time to see people clearing out from the finals of the Munster/Tulouse match, the castle we were planning on visiting closed, and somewhat stormy weather on the horizon. At this point I should mention that despite the typical irish weather, we had nothing but sunshine for the entire trip. At this point we decided that we should try to find an internet cafe, to either seek out a CS host for the nmight, or search for local camping spots. While there did not appear to be any available hosts in the city, Sophie came through with an old host she had contacted months ago, got us a place to stay, and we soon found ourselfs in the care of Alecia. Zaid informed us that he had recieved a call from work and would have to cut his trip short (we suspect a lie, but did not protest), and that he would be taking the bus back to Dublin. Upon hearing that we had a host for the night, he reneged on this slightly, and stated that he would be staying the night. After we ASKED the host if it would be ok (as we had only planned for three people), we settled down to cook some food and relax for the evening. The next morning Alecia kindly lerad us to the University library, where we were able to contact hosts in Glaway, and arrange our next stay with Rhian and Kim, the aussies (though I thought theyt said that they were kiwis?). We dropped Zaid off at thebus station, and after he nickel-and-dimed us for some petrol he had not paid for, we were rid of him. Good riddance.

Down to three, Sophie, Joscha and I headed to Galway where we met our hosts (after a little confusion about wether we were at the town hall, county hall, or city hall...apparnetly Galway has all three, and we were naturally at the last one) and settled in at their place for the night. We watched the film ¨City of G-d,¨ an interesting piece about the slums of Rio and life there (english subtitles). I actually ate some prawns, didnt´really taste them, but was proud of myself for finally getting into a bit of seafood. I really need to try some good fish, or so I have been told.

Anywho, the highlight of our trip (in my opinion) was our trip to the Aran Islands, where we biked around, explored an old lighthouse, had a blast off-road biking through rock-filled fields (Irish mountainbiking is TOUGH), ended up carrying the bikes back, biked over to the seacliffs (I ALMOST climbed down, though Sense caught the better of me), collected our stuff, hung out at a pub for a few hours, and set up camp inside another abandonde cathedtral/church. A good time all around.

The next morning we drove back to Galway to drop off Joscha at the bus station so she could catch a bus to a plane to a train to get back to work (feels familiar), and down to two, Sophie and I headed to the Burren Way (hiking trail). We hiked a good 10km or so, probably a bit more in actuality, and camped in a field a few dozen meters from the car. After a lovely campfire and dinner, we went to sleep. Upon waking, however, we discovered that our once-empty field was full of cows and wild turkey. Oops! Fortunately they didnt´seem to care much about us, and after a lazy morning lounging about, we wended our way back to Cork, where I am currently staying for another day or two. Thatś´all for now, Iĺl have internet access for the next day or two (depening how long I stay around here), and then will be heding north ofthe border, to Belfast for a few days. Time to test my patience, and flex my thumb, itś´hitching time!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Driving Ireland recap

So the driving protiin of my ireland trip has come to an end. A complete update ill follow tonight after i down a well deserved pint, and break out my full size keyboard. I need to respond to messages, organize a couch to stay on in Belfast, call the parents, and clean out my gear. I had a blast, didn't always get along with everyone, met an attractive german punk-ess, saw a lot of ireland, and learned more about myself and others. I've also made some new friends and picked up some good beta along the way.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Quick update

Just a quick update because we don't have internet access everywhere. Currently in Limerick, driving around with friends, having a blast, and no real set plans. Still flying out of Belfast on the 4th for Paris, going to meet Nessa nd stay at Jerome's, hopefully to see Leigh and then go explore the catacombs with Jerome and the girls.

Monday, May 19, 2008


All of the negativity I felt is drained as i realized where both my SIM and REI cards were. Still a firm believer in karma. Goodnight.

A one way ticket to anywhere.
Many memories; smiles and tears,
Need to get out of this town
There's nothing left to fear.

Off to the great unknown,
No baggage left behind,
Running from everything i know,
This pack holds everything of mine.

Flying off to a new life,
It's a dream come true,
Worked years for this chance,
No way I don't follow through.

No matter what happens,
Never forget family nor friend,
To all those I leave behind,
Goodbye is not always the end.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Kanye west concert?

So this was an interesting night imdeed. While certainly not one of my top favorites, kanye west has some good songs which i do like (this post brought along with Aussie teThe concert was ehh, nothing notable. It was reassuring to hear that my younger cousins are prettymuch normal as can be, and certaitly more well-adjusted than i was at that age. Also great to hear that my lifelong aversion to cigarettes is not unique. A fun time overall, and great to be trusted with other people, even if it was like hearding cats. But we all made it back safe, sound, and smiling. Another adventure for thought. have buulled all of the money back instead of taking even

Schengen explanation
The BBC has a good map of the schengen area.

And as of my current findings, the agreement dictates that expats/Americans can stay within the Zone for 3 out of every 6 months (on simply a tourist visa...studying/working/other visas are separate).

But gotta jet. More later, fortunately not everywhere is part of this agreement. I'll figure it out.

Dublin to Paris via...

So I've started to fill up my google calendar with the various travel plans that people have sent/told me, in an effort to see everyone throughout my travels. At the same time, I've realized that this trip is for ME, and I need to realize that while it would be nice to see EVERYONE, that may simply not be FINANCIALLY viable (I can get anywhere if I pay enough, but that is not how I prefer to travel...etc). However, this is what I see now:

E44 from Dublin to Brussels at 06:00 on the 2nd of June, arriving at 10:00. I have not bought these tickets yet, but I will probably do this as it is likely the cheapest I will be able to find. I still need to check out some of the low-budget airlines. From there I could hitch a ride down to Paris (150 miles), which theoretically could be done in a day. To save a bit of time, I can take a local train down towards the border (Though I would pick that up in-station upon arrival, to make it easier). I should also see if anyone is driving that route, as that would be ideal.

That's all for now, relaxing in Philly, lounging about, and I feel like I need to get outside, all of the indoor activities of the past few days are beginning to wear on me.

From the city of brotherly love

Wow, i haven't had an update since rochester. . . Or was it even before i got in there? I cannot honestly remember. Either way, i am now with family in philly, after having a wonderful time in Chicago. What a nice city, and well my fsmily is awesome. I didn't get to see everyone, but hopefully that will change this summer.

The power is out here, a branch knocked out the transformer to this part of the street, so this post will be dropped sometime tomorrow morning. I could easily plug in my cellular modem and get instant connectivity, but honestly i just want to go to sleep. Lts to think about, and those whom know me know that is not usually a good thing. Saw "harold and kumar escape guantanamo bay" earlier, highly recommend if you are into that humor.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Poland to rochester

So i am "cheating" and taking the bus. Money isn't the key isssue, rather i would like to get there at a reasonable time today. Ali offerrd to give me a lift all the way if i wanted to stay for another night...I dont know what stopped me, but I declined here extremely generous offer and here ii am. Fourty ddollars lighter, but on sated to arrive in rochester at 4:45. It is 1:25 right now. If this area qere good for hitching, I could have made it in almostt half that time. On the flip side, I did get picked up by tim while walking down rt 8, and with his lift made it to the bus station just in time to catch the bus.
I have been thinking about the rides i got yesterday, as wel as my interlude with the police. Of special (and in my opinion ridiculous) interest is the person whom was posted to watch me. What is it that the state police are s afraid of? Me? Are they really trying to protect me from myself? Do they really think that everyone is out there with sinister intent? Heck, do i look a particularly easy target? I truly do not know. There are many things wrong witth our society, the least of which is our fear of the unknown. Why am i treated as a criminal for simly waming to be free...

Update: train to chicago at 11 on the 12th


So this is a short update on my progress. I am at Aliś, though she was forced to pick me up along route five last night, as I had absolutely NO luck getting ouit of Amsterdam, NY. IN fact, I got harassed by the state police for sitting on the guard rail, and they were extremely and unnecessarily agressive. An undercover/off-duty copy was also placed there to watch me, and he sat in his sedan for about an hour watching me and reading his book.

That being said, getting TO amsterdam was a joy. I was picked up by Ed (last name removed), whom told me that I reminded him of Alex S. I have a feeling Ïnto the wild¨references will become more commonplace as I travel this way more. That being said, I am going to go check out Aliś´property (Weŕé in the Dacks, itś´beautiful up here), and at some bpoint today make my way to Rochester. I have been thinking about it, and in the interests of speed, I may take the bus to Chicago from Rochester.
More later, now breakfast!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rome summer camp

So I just registered for Rome summer camp!

July 28th to August 5th (A few days on either side to account for getting over there!)

It sounds like an awesome trip! So that will be another piece of my puzzle..

Due to some complications, I'm obviously not on the road to Chicago, and it looks like my ride has fallen through in getting out there. So I'm torn, do I go out there to visit family, go off and do my own thing...or what? Reasonably, I'll be doing my own thing for a loooong time, so it's worth it to get out and visit family. So the question becomes, how do I get out there?

this keyboard is pissing me the hell off!

Sorry, that sentence took five minutes to type. Stupid wireless keyboard (Vista! Hatred!)

Anywho, looking at getting out to Chicago, I didn't realize how far away it is! That's kinda far, so I'll hitch it? Hmm, this may require consideration.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

First from the road.

First off i apologize to the people who are currently waiting to hear from me or to get this web address. After a slight freak out last night regarding this tablet, all appears to be well. I spent last night in my car, mostly because i was tooo lazy and tired to do anything as ell as being a bot paranoid about the police finding my car semi abandoned. But i made up some sleep at the park today with a glorious nap in my hidden hammock. I really love it and cannot imagine sleeping on the ground. That said i am stilll carrying a tarp and gground cloth...habit.