My workbench

My workbench

Monday, September 29, 2008

It's been a month

Wow, has it realoy been a month since my last update? Oops. Well, I've spent that time well, hanging out in fort william and doing as little as humanly possible.  Hiked in the mountains a few times, but nothing significant.  I am currently in marsala, scicily, italy. I hate italy.  Not with a passion, but with a strong dislike.  The people are so friggin rude.  Anywho, saw my parents, was supposed to go climbing (bad beta), and so i have got anothher day and a half to kill in one of my most disliked places.  My plans for the future are a bit shaky, only as i do not know for sure if i am going south East or West... Leaning west right now, which means morocco.  Egypt looks like it may simply be too expensive at the moment, but we shall see. 

Have i mentioned that i hate Italy?

So in the long term, I have a job working in montana for the winter, and will be returning to the states on the 24th of november.  Work starts the 4th of dec, so i am not sure how many people aside from family i will be able to visit.  I wonder if there are any jews in scicily? I doubt it. I am flying up to bremen on the 1st, and might be picking up a hitch-hiking partner to head to munich.  If not, probably head to amsterdam and relax for a few days, then up to denmark.  Who knows from there... Back to berlin? Visit friends around the netherlands, then head seriously south to mallorca for some DWS, then on to morocco?  I need to sit down and establish some plans for wherever I am going, as I seem to be getting a bIt lost just wandering.  Who know.