My workbench

My workbench

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Madei it! And keep on trucking...

So, I made it in to San Francisco yesterday afternoon. A small twist of events lead me to camp in downtown San Jose, leading to a somewhat slanted campsite. But I survived, hiked out this morning, and am currently in Monterey, CA. I've decided to skip the long-haul public transport and hitch down RT 1 all the way to Santa Barbra. I *might* have a place to crash with a friend in San Luis Obpismo (Kat, the woman whom picked me up in Utah), otherwise I'll catch transit to OC and crash@Ahmad's place. Neither NickCoffee nor Piratehobo have gotten back to me, so in lieu of the DIY fest and hitting San Diego, I might find somewhere/one safe to drop off Nick's pot lid, drop my extra quilt in a hiker box, and hit the trail!

I *still* need to do my Canadian entrance permit (oops!), as well as sign up for my bear canister. I really should get on those. Oh, yeah, and my PADI cert still needs a photo and to be mailed in. Damn I'm a huge slacker!

Okay, 10 minutes left, i still need to do a few things. I met some AWESOME people hitching down from Portland to San Fran, and even a few IN SF. THANKS to the CalTrains folks whom let me keep my walking stick! You rock!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Okay, so I finally made it to Eureka! I'm in Humbolt county!

Okay, enough of that. I have been hitching for a few days, from Portland, OR down making my way to San Fran or so. I'm healthy, well, all is good, and I've been having fun and writing stuff down. I'm going to go have a WARM meal, and then hit the road again. Good times on the road!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So, I need to hit up REI, and i don't have a ton of time. Made it to Portland, camped out with some friends last night, and I'm at the library right now. I'm gonna go hit up REI, pick up sopme gear I misplaced/sent home/lost/etc, and then it's out to the gathering! I'll be out there in the park for a few days, making friends and whatnot, and then it's hitching allll the way back down south towards the Mexican border.

Oh, and I'm pretty dirty, but I've been told "Not as dirty as you will be!" I can only wait...

All is well, I'm healthy, just had a gut-busting meal for $1.75, and I feel great! More when I've got more time...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Past few days

Alright, first off, all is well, and I am currently in southern cali, in a small town/city/hell called Indio. I'm going to be meeting up with a buddy and catching out on my way up to Portland for this gathering.

So, here's the story of how I got to Indio:

Nicole dragged her feet (as always), so we didn't say goodbye. I don't normally say goodbye anyways, but that's another issue. She wanted to. Oh well. So, I caught a lift from the mountain Village down to the Meadows. GONZ, of all people, grabbed me and gave me a lift into the canyon. I got a ride with a really chill old guy down to West Yellowstone, where I was picked up with a pretty cool snowboarder whom gave me a lift out to some pass between West Yellowstone and Idaho Falls. From there, Pat picked me up, and we drove to SLC.

The next morning, I got a flurry of rides which landed me approx 10 miles from SLC, 2 hours later. A nice reservist gave me a lift down to Nephi, where I spent the next 26 hours (rain and snowstorm) trying to hitch out.

From there (yesterday, Wedneday), I got a lift from two dudes in a 2-seat truck (big guys) to I-70. I got a lift with a day laborer and a few illegals 15 miles up, where the most awesomest ride I've gotten picked me up. More on Pat (the dude from idaho falls to SLC) and Kat (Utah to Barstow) and Saint (Kat's golden. He SURFS!) later.

Got a lift witih an old timer this morning from barstow to Yucca valley, and from there a college student dropped me in Indio...Where I sat in the sun for a few hours baking.

A buddy from the gathering is picking me up here (happened to be 8 miles away), and I have no idea where I'll go after this, but I will be up in Portland in a few days. WAHOO.

Sad I didn't get to see Jim, or Pirate, but I love the adventure!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

a message

I published a note on my Facebook page, but for those without accounts on facebook, unable to access it, or for whatever reason disinclined, I have reproduced it below:

"So, as most of you know (I'm fairly sure I've told anyone whom I have spoken to in the past...six months or so) I am going to be attempting a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail this summer. I will be hitting the road sometimes on Monday or Tuesday, visiting some friends around the west coast, and then starting off on my trek. 265o miles, from Campo, Cali to Manning Park, BC, Canada. I'm hella excited, but at the same time somewhat nervous, with a whole host of emotions I'm too lazy to type out fluttering in between. From the time I graduated NHS, or perhaps earlier, I've always dreamed of doing something like this; setting off into the relative wilderness, just hiking, day after day, pushing myself to my limits.

Well, that day will soon come. I will be offline for something between three and six months, occasionally updating my blog to let family and friends know that I am OK, posting pictures on my flickr page, and sending out emails to thosee friends whom I am closest to. If you don't know any of those addresses, look on my profile, ask a friend, or forget about it; I'm not hiding.

There isn't a whole lot more for me to say. NHS, RIT, Fairchild, Qimonda, the 2005 trip, 2007, 2008, casa, Mass Bay....Everything has had an impact on me, and from what I'm told,I've left a print on prettymuch everyone I know. Next week, next month, next year, I will begin a truly new chapter of my life. Perhaps it has already started, and I have simply not taken notice. But today, tomorrow, and the next day, those will be the days of my life.

Enjoy the office, the mountains, the sea, the lab; wherever you may feel at home. For me, a lesson learned long ago from my mother. "Home is where the heart is." And mine will, for the time being, wander."

In addition to this, the only two entities which come to mind are family and friends. While I would like to think that i have many friends spread far and wide all over the world, each affecting me in some small way, a relatively small number of friends has truly shaped me. My family, especially mom and dad, have given me the ability to see beyond what is shown to be; to push the limits of both of myself, physically and mentally, aswell as pushing those around me. My brothers, Dan and Steve, have shown me that even in the worst of times, we are still brothers; when all else fails, I will always have them to have my back. My friends, from Sam to Steve, Val to Anu, have shown me that while the path I take may not be straight, narrow, nor trod before, it is my path. While my moral compass may occasionally lead me astray, I have friends aplenty not afraid to show me the err in my ways, and to help correct me.

For most of you, this is the only sort of communication we have for a long time. For others, I will certainly call. All I can say is this: I never say goodbye, because there will always be tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gear Arrival!

My gear has started to arrive!

Today I got both my PCT Databook (Milages, drops, water etc) and my Campmor order (SilNylon 6x8 tarp, crosswinds shirt). Just waiting on an EMS order (firestarter, bugnet, bandannas) and I shouuld be good to go! Anything I am unable to procure before I start should be easy enough to find at REI in Portland....

Thanks to my newfound wisdom of the PCT Databook, I should be able to approximate the hike mom and I will be doing, based on 15 mi/day or so. Unfortunately, the water sources in BOTH directions are significantly spaced (Need to check 4jeffery to get an update on h20 supplies), so these will be long, hot, dry hikes. Glad to be going lightweight! At least we won't be worrying about rain....

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Watch this video

Seriously, watch it.

And watch "Skipping Waste" aswell. It's worth your time.