My workbench

My workbench

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Political Rant

So I was looking back over my old Email, at some I've received from a certain close ultra-conservative...

Do people really think that political party/association matters for crap in the US?

I mean, honestly, both 'sides of the aisle' have been screwing the American People for so long they don't seem to know anything but arguing.  When was the last time we a unified government attempting to do 'good' things for the people?  Instead of just fighting the other side, how about some constructive criticism and maybe a suggestion or two?  "Obama is a socialism" and "Bush is destroying our country" are great slogans and all, but they really REALLY aren't getting anything done.

The next time I see a comparison between ANYONE and Hitler, be it Bush, Obama, or Lincoln, I'm going to rip them to pieces (verbally).

I believe in small government.  So do the Republicans.  So why do they keep increasing everything?  Same for the democrats- What good do free handouts do to people whom already aren't working?  It encourages people to learn to game the system.  And trust me, it's REALLY REALLY easy.

And the people...You want someone to blame, forget the government.  If you want change, take it in your hands.  Sitting behind your computer screens, blogging away about this and that really isn't going to get things done.  Know how they did it in the 60s?  A little bit of suffering, some discomfort.  Take to the streets, show exactly what you want to change.  When some of this happens, you get the right to complain.

That being said, I'm not doing much better.  I take as much blame as I give.

Okay, that's all.  Time to go outside and enjoy the fruits of my labors.  Yes, that's right, I was fortunate enough to have parents whom were my financial assistance for university.  I do what I do now on money I made working my butt off as a highly trained engineer.  That's fairness.  You want something?  You've got to work for it.

Ice cream

I'm sitting in a little Thai cafe eating some delicious ice cream and listening to an acoustic version of 'summer of 69'. This is what I mean about the vibe- it's addictively relaxing and low key. I've found people to climb with, check out hot springs, go hiking, and even go touring with. The only thing lacking is a craft brewery. Hmmm...Now that wouldn't be a terrible idea, I wonder how hard ingredients are to get around here.
Also, for lunch I had aome exquisite vegetarian khoh soi, which is apprently the traditional dish of chiang mai. Well, I'd love to write more, but the ice cream is going to melt. Till next time!