My workbench

My workbench

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

still alive

this post is just a placeholder for the time being. I made it to Paris, am staying with Nessa and Jerome, visiting friends and unwinding after a LOT of adventure. I'll write more later, but for now, I'm alive, well, and in good company. Things are good.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Out of Lisboa

I stayed at the squat in Lisbon for nearly a week, hanging out with friends, experimenting with various devices, and helping out around the area to further the development of the pool. Too soon, I felt the call of the road, a call which I had to answer. I packed my bag, walked into the common room, and said my goodbye. I got a few hugs, some smiles, and at least one angry glare, and I was off.

I returned two minutes later in search of my towel.

It took me nearly an hour to catch a ride out of Lisbon, and not necessarily in the direction I wanted to go. The two Portugese guys were really cool, sharing their food and giving me a lift to a spot near the Spanish border. Still buzzing about the hitchgathering, I mentioned it to the two guys up front. The driver had actually heard of the event, telling me his sister had picked up a crazy hitch-hiker a week or so ago, on his way to the very same event. Apparently this poor guy had gotten a late start, and to compound matters, ended up going in the wrong direction with the sister. I laughed, knowing what that feels like all too well. As our conversation progressed, the driver mentioned that he would, in fact, be going to the US in November, to go to pilot school down in Miami. My mind clicked over, putting all the pieces together. "Does your sister drive a dark-colored Skoda...?" I asked. We immediately began laughing, realizing that *I* was the crazy hitch-hiker his sister had picked up, on my way to the hitchgathering. We attempted to call and set up a meeting, but the sister was out of contact. What a small world!

After some food, it was back to the road. A great spot on the outskirts of town had me convinced that I would be in Spain in no time. Well, perhaps nintey minutes later, a small RV with Polish plates pulls up, with a small French-labeled Renault behind it. I would make it to Spain alright...but getting out was another matter.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

still alive

the hitchgathering turned out to be more of a party than gathering...not quite my thing, but I met some cool folks. Oh, and I got attacked by a drunken of that to come, Iºm totally fine. currently in Lisbon, but my next stop is Paris!!!