My workbench

My workbench

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Birthday Party

I went with my cousin's children and caretaker down to their friend's birthday party (1st year party).  It was...interesting.  The kids were all behaved and whatnot, and I got the chance to meet a fair number of expats, mostly Aussie.  Not surprisingly, nearly everyone worked in the financial sector.  Certainly, not my cup of tea.  But, as always, good to meet folks.  I'll be heading out with some folks on CS to go hiking on Lantau Island tomorrow (later today).  For now, to sleep!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Dude I'm in Hong Kong


I have a few minutes until my flight for hong kong boards, but I am in Taiwan.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Colorado Springs

I made it!  After some fun in Denver with Liz, whom I met randomly on the street and ended up hanging out with for a while, I'm down with friends in Colorado Springs. Life is good.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

An interesting day on Lone Peak...

So I went out today for a fast tram run up to lone peak, hoping to catch some fresh powder before it all got blown off. It was windy, probably 60MPH winds or better, snow blowing like needles, but it looked clear from the top and was a gorgeous day. I wasn't sure that the back bowl lift was running (it wasn't, and would have meant a loooong hike out) so I traversed around with everyone else to the front gully (might have been Lenin, I need to check the map). Some 14 year old rider (somehow?) unbuckled his board, and proceeded to lose it. The traverse was windblown and the section he stopped at was completely ice. I was having trouble getting over on my own, this kid (assisted by his friend) was screwed. I stayed with the two of them while a ski patroler came by, dropped down, picked up the kids board (managed to stop barely 50 feet away, apparently), and assisted the kid to the snowier portion of the traverse.

I had a solid sheet of ice on my face from buildup while waiting. But it was worth it. Aside from some wind-blown ice chunks, the powder was crisp and soft. That didn't stop me from wrecking on a few submerged ice bumps, but it was an insane run. I heard they wind-checked (halted) the tram for a while today, and they even wind-checked some of the regular chairs (Challenged, Peak Triple).

I know that nobody here understands a word of this, as nobody knows the mountain, but you all will understand WHEN YOU COME VISIT. I have been told early March is a good time...

Happy New Years.