My workbench

My workbench

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On the road

My first real night on the road...I am back up on the South Shore, visiting an old friend tomorrow for lunch, after which I head back to my folks' house, pick up a few lingering toys, and head west. First Stop: Rochester. After that, it's a prettymuch straight shot to Montana. I'm still working out some basic issues, but things are going well.

That was, until I got locked out of my bank account. This seems to be happening all too often. Unfortunately, I do business with a bank who's first priority is SECURITY. This means that I cannot talk my way into my account without tons of verifiable info, in this case some stuff which I don't know. So, gotta wait till they mail something to Jess in Burlington, she opens it and relays it to me. This means that I'm gonna be out of some $ for a few days, which will bite...But such is life.

I will post pictures of the van (inside and out) in a few days.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Van update

After speaking to some long-lost friends, collecting even MORE research, attempting to contact dozens of people (with a handful ever responding), I've reached a point:

The dodge 318 V8 engine.

So, with that in mind, I get to RE-RE-RE-resume my search. At least, after all of this, I have some positive feedback regarding the reliability of the engine I am choosing, as well as a baseline from the vannie community (those whom live in vans). So, after many false starts, assumptions, mistakes, and a few hundred miles of travel, I've got a decision.

In other news, coming up here may have cost me a hundred+ dollars, but I've saved easily that much by visiting the Gear Exchange. I picked up a $200 jacket for $60 (I've been looking for a good softshell), as well as a pair of 4-point instep crampons (IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND IN NEW ENGLAND!!!) for half off ($30).

I considered hitch-hiking back, and would really love to...but time is a factor. So, maybe next time.