My workbench

My workbench

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupy wall street and my impression

I went down to the protest yesterday on the wall street and had a look around.  it was nothing like the protest in boston because it was very disorganized and nobody seems to have any information.  that being said it was still great to see so many people from so many different backgrounds coming together in one place.

While I am not planning on staying there now, I imagine I will return and help out in the future.  Many of the planned protest marches and actions I believe strongly in and will participate in as my time allows.

At the moment I am staying back with my parents in connecticut, and will likely remain here until january while I work in the city.

I had a wonderful time this weekend in rochester, attending my good friend val's wedding.

This coming weekend will see me up in new hampshire spending time with a friend and enjoying the mountains.

side note I'm using google voice to text translation.  I've tried to proofread everything but it seems that a little bit may slip by... it happens.  More or less the system works really well.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tough Love

So I've spent the last month or so trying ot take care of a very beloved family member, a task much maligned by a number of my friends for the toll it has taken on my health (more mental than physical).  That is a tradeoff I have been willing to make, because I can always recover, whereas the woman I am helping to take care of is at the end of her live.  That being said...

I believe in Tough Love.  I have tried, for nearly a month, to be as helpful and assisting as I possibly can.  Unfortunately, as I have known for a good many years, giving someone something is not the same as teaching them to do it on their own.  I have only ever been able to teach this lesson through...difficulty.  Threats, usually in the form of leaving someone somewhere, have worked wonders for me in my attempts to teach people a bit about their inner strengths (for those of you who are familiar with what happened with my Anu, or my mom, you know what i am talking about).  I have had to teach that same lesson to the person I am helping now, in the form of a very basic threat: 

Get yourself healthy, or die.

This is a lesson which I wish I were able to teach a great many more people, but I quite simply do not know how.  Also, while I am able to teach in a one-on-one setting,, I cannot think of any easy way to teach what I know in any setting other than one-on-one, and, well, that's a ton of time spent with individuals.