My workbench

My workbench

Saturday, March 12, 2011

So today started with an usual application of chap-stick: my keys.  For some strange reason the key did not awnt to turn inside of the ignition lock, so I took it out, coated it in chap-stick, and reinserted.  still nothing.  I removed the key, heated it with a lighter, and re-inserted.  This melted the chap-stick, causing the petroleum it is comprised of to lubricate the lock.  The key turned smoothly.

Later on, I took a nap near Teton pass, as it is 'too' warm out and the snow is crap quality.  Well, I managed to leave my overpowered headlights on, and now have a dead battery.  I stood out by the road for about five minutes, with a sign reading "Jumper Cables?"  A kind Idahoan stopped by and gave me a jump.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Test Post

I just want to see how my facebook integration worked with my blog.  Hopefully this will appear on Facebook as my latest note...

Living Well...Breakfast

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I spent the morning cleaning up my van a bit. Putting away clothes, cleaning dishes, toys, arranging things, discovering missing gear, re-discovering formerly missing gear, etc.

The folks behind the european hitchgaherings are again putting forth an idea for a North American hitch-gathering. Now that I'm in-country, I am joining in the effort, along with my friends, to see if we can get something together. August of this year...somewhere.

I'll ride with Kris and co tomorrow, and then head down towards Teton Pass again. The riding was just...epic. From there, I'll head to the Bird.

Post-Bird, I've got a few options/decisions. My priorities currently look something like this...(No offense)
Melt in Yosemite
Parents for Pesach
Visiting Leigh
Visiting Jim
Getting outdoors

Something like that. In addition, I've got events all over the west coast from late March clear to the summer. I need to figure out a rough track, and head in that direction.

Otherwise, things are going well. This is an attempt to show the "cleaning" effect on my van...



Friday, March 4, 2011


I've been hanging out up here at Big Sky for a few days now. I had dinner with my friend Ali, rode a full day today, and went for a short eight mile hike in Ousel Falls the other day. Time has been moving quickly, while I am taking a very relaxed approach to life, and simply enjoying everything around me. I am planning on heading down to Victor again, on my way to SLC, but I am not so keen on leaving Bozeman just yet. There are a few things yet to do...

Boiling River (down in Yellowstone park)- Natural springs in a river.
Norris Hot springs (more built up, but close to Bozeman. They serve beer at the waters edge)
Hike Beehive Basin- This may be in the next day or two.
I need to continue work on my van, and make a decision. I added the sleeping platform and edge, but it now interferes with my hammock. I don't want to remove the platform...I just need to remember that I won't always have to stay INSIDE of my van. Need to add a bunch of shelving, etc. Thinking...I might acquire a cordless jig saw to make work easier.

Anywho that's all for now. Life is good...I have some photos which I need to post, if my lazy butt gets in gear. For now, praying for snow, enjoying life.