My workbench

My workbench

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New device

I finally broke down nd bought a new phone e.  It is a fancy smartphone, so I can keep up with the rest of the world.  This also means a lot less to carry in my pack.  If only this allowed USB hosting.

Amywho, my new limited-access number is 7752508344.  Service is unlimited, but the reception will suck.  Old phone works, except for June in AK.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


So I spent a good few days camped out near Mono Lake in Lee Vining, CA, and had the opportunity to sit around and thing.  I've realized a few things.

First and foremost, I am not sure that I am capable of sitting around and thinking.  I need to pace, or even better yet, walk.  I was hiking short ten mile stints a few times, just to clear my head.  I really need to be pushing my body to be able to clear my head like that, and it looks like it worked.

Before I even settled down into that routine, inspiration had struck and I had the first inklings of what was bothering me, thanks to my brother Dan.  I was feeling trapped by my van, with things quite simply too easy and settled.

I need to get back out on the road, me and a pack, my thumb and not much else.

To that end, my next adventure: Alaska!

I am going up to Seattle for the Northwest Folk Life festival over Memorial day weekend, and from there, I'll walk across the border to Vancouver and hitch to, well, Alaska.  I don't really know exactly *where*, which suits me just fine, but I want to GO. 

I plan to return in time for the Rainbow Gathering in Washington, but... well, honestly, who knows what will happen.  That's just the way I like it.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Meditation break

So this has been a long time in the making...nearly a year, since I voiced my wishes last July.  Anyway, I'm leaving.  I've spent the past two days driving all over California, getting into and then immediately leaving Yosemite.    I am driving myself insane.

I've got a lot to think about, and I cannot seem to really THINK in civilization.  I'm headed out to the Mono Lake area, on the edges of Death Valley and Yosemite.  I will hike, climb, meditate, swim, and just BE.  I'll post the updates that I meant to write a week ago regarding my time in reno and some hot springs I've been hanging out at, but generally I'm just...going to think.

Next up-comming anything is the BBCRC, which I am not fully comitted to, and then the Kinetic Sculpture race in Humboldt. 

I'm thinking...leave my van at mono lake, hitch back that way, and go for it.  As much as I love the availability to HAVE my van, I don't like being in it all the time.