My workbench

My workbench

Friday, April 20, 2012

The AT

I left on Tuesday, and returned yesterday (Thursday) afternoon.  While I missed every connection on my way there (leaving the house around 10AM, missing the bus to Stamford, the bus to White Plains, and the train to Southeast) and had to walk an extra mile or so (3.5 instead of 2), I made it on to the Appalachian Trail and managed to hike a good half dozen miles into a shelter before dark.

Waking up Tuesday, I brewed some tea, packed my gear, and set off for a hike on a truly spectarularly sunny day.  Between drinking, relaxing, writing, and hanging out by various creeks and cliffs, I still managed to put in an impressive 23miles on the trail.  With an hour or so of daylight remaining, I crashed by a river and set my hammock among the trees, waking sometime in the night to a very noisy river and moonless sky.

Thursday morning saw me embark upon a four mile roadwalk, leaving me just outside the town of Cornwall, CT.  One ride later and I was down in White Plains, and after a mile or so of walking, found my way onto the bus system which eventually delivered me right back to Cos Cob.  I was fortunate to have my MetroCard on me, as the Bee Line (westchester) bus systems no longer accept bills...

Anywho, it was nice to have a quick jaunt out on the AT, and though I enjoyed myself, I have a lot further yet planned to go. 

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