My workbench

My workbench

Thursday, September 6, 2012

From Portland

The rides have been fun, though not nearly as eventful as Canada.  I caught a lift after walking a few miles further into the forest, to the Ripplebrook ranger station from where Fiona lives at the Conservation Corps.  In the fading light, a gentleman pulled over with a mountainbike in the back of his SUV, looking to be in his 60s with an ironclad grip.  I was dropped in downtown Estacada, where I camped for the evening.

I woke up yesterday and, after a cup of coffee and some phone-and-tablet charging, I hit the road.  A lift a few miles down the road lead to a ride all the way to I205, where I broke out the Tokyo sign.  While the dude who picked me up was a bit confused, I didn't really press the issue- he initially told me that he was going to prison.  Turns out, he was going to visit his girlfriend whom is locked up at the moment.  From the side of I-5, a superhippy, accept everything, berating me for value-juding the oil company dude pulled over.  We traded some veggies and he drove me to Eugene.  A long, hot, in-the-sun walk landed me in Eugene, where I eventually figured out the busses and hitched out.  Back-to-back lifts, followed by some waiting in the hills of central Oregon finally found me with some time to cool off from the sun- I'm a touch dehydrated, but have an awesome tan.  I arrived in Florence, OR after the sun had set, and settled in to camp near the bridge out of town.

I finished the audiobook "The golden compass" today, which has been a treat which a friend gave me back in Portland.  A quartet of Dutch tourists gave me a lift to Reedsport, where I stopped for breakfast in a quaint little diner.  After breakfast, I hit the bathroom quickly before heading off to the road- when I returned, my bill had disappeared.  The elderly woman whom I had been chatting to over breakfast bade me farewell, smiled, told me that I was brave to be hitching and enjoying life, and to not worry about my bill.

A trio of lifts, including an undercover hippy and a quad racer (who told me that Cannondale used to make quads?  One-cylinder?  I need to find out more...), Find me in the town of Bandon, OR.  The pastor, my most recent lift, dropped me at the incredible Bandon town beach, whereupon I walked ten or so minutes back to the library.  The sea stacks look incredible, and I am on my way to walk barefoot down the beach.  Just wanted to grab some water, change into jeans (it's overcast), and grab some water...Love you all, and see y'all down the road somewhere...