My workbench

My workbench

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hitching in Argentina- First Impressions

From my friend's apartment, i decided to walk instead of hunt through the busses to get to the hitchspot which I had picked out the  prior evening.  Shirtless, dripping in sweat, I arrived approximately 5 kilometers later.  The hitching sucked.  The bathroom had no toilet paper.  It was hot, and even cardboard for a sign was difficult to find.  I decided to walk.
     A few hundred meters down the road, by a stoplight, a car pulled over with it's entire passenger side caved in.  The driver waved me over to the seat behind him.  Trusting tht whatever had transpired to cause such damage was not under his control, I hopped in.  The air was stale and hot.  The man spoke no English, but told me that he was going to Batan, about a dozen kilometers down the road.  There are less cars there, and the people are richer, so they speak a little bit of English.  He wished me a good trip as he sped off, leaving me to marvel at the quiet, dusty road I was to travel down to reach my destination...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Argentina. First impressions.

It is a terrible things to have to spend all day with beautiful women, alternating between hanging out at the beach and attending parties with music and dancing.  My daily routine is a page from a travel brochure: late waking to the sounds of a bustling but not crowded city, a gentle saunter a few blocks over to the beach, stopping to purchase some snack along the way.  Sunblock, water and mate are the only staples I carry in my bag from the house.  The first two are self explanatory, while the culture here seems intrinsically linked to not only the consumption but the social experience of this strong tea.
    At the beach we are joined by friends.  Thin pieces of cloth are spread out, not so much a towel as a sarong, and clothes are shucked.  Some of us head to the water, enjoying Mar del Plata's active surf and rolling waves.  The beach is packed with people, from groups of young children to families and individuals just here to enjoy the sand.  The sound of crashing waves masks any city noise, and if you don't look back, you may even forget that civilization is there.
    Parties in the evening are a civilized and yet raucous affair, with consumption in moderation but at the same time a carefree atmosphere embraces dancing, passionate conversation as well as the introduction of new friends.  This may last all evening, into the sunrise...